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  1. Hi, I heard of you site after doing some research while looking for a Linton bassoon body lock pin (the instrument I purchased is missing the pin, but it has the posts with holes in it that it would fit into), I improvised with a hex wrench of the correct size and a rubber band and electrical tape, and it actually works GREAT, but thought I’d ask if you have an actual Linton pin hanging around looking for a home? Also, the bocal has a bit of a small tip dent, not too bad really, and tonight I stuck the tip of a reed mandrel to straighten it, and it did somewhat, hope that wasn’t a terrible idea. Do you stock any old Linton bassoon bocals? In any case, nice to find your store.


    Andrew Gordon

    • Andrew,
      The last Linton Bassoon in the shop was purchased specifically for parts. If you bring it in to me, I may be able to make one for it. I would be very careful in the future using a reed mandrel, it is very easy to split the end of the tube….although I will give you points for creativity and intuition 🙂

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