Woodwind Repair

Woodwind instruments are instruments that make sound from air being blown into a mouthpiece with a reed or air reed in the case of flutes and piccolos. The following are woodwind instruments that could require repairs.

English Horn

Internal Cleaning Service – Over time, woodwind instruments can build up debris and require cleaning. We have several methods that are very specific to the type of woodwind instrument that you have. Some types of cleaning would include ozone, chemical, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Polishing – If your instrument’s metal finish looks as if it has seen better days, a polish may be just what it needs to bring it back to looking new and to prevent rust build up!

Soldering – In woodwind instruments, joints can weaken and break over time. When this happens, we can solder the joints back into place in order to strengthen them and keep the instrument together.

Oiling – Most woodwind instruments have steel rods that hold the keywork together requiring oil to prevent rust and promote smooth action.

Adjustments and Regulations – All woodwind instruments require adjustments and regulation to allow the keys to open and close properly. Small adjustment screws and compressed corks can change the way an instrument plays over time, requiring these adjustments.

Crack Pinning, Filling, and Seam Repair – Due to the unpredictable nature of wood, cracks can sometimes appear rendering your woodwind unplayable unless repaired.

Other Woodwind Repairs and Services

  • Fabricating Parts
  • Straightening Bent Keys
  • Pad Replacement
  • Cork Replacement
  • Spring Replacement

To learn how to best care for and maintain your woodwind instrument click here!