Musical Instrument Cleaning

At Cook Instrument Repair, we know the value and importance of keeping instruments clean.  Not only is it important to keep an instrument well-maintained to extend its life, keep it from becoming damaged by rust and red rot (dezincification), but it also helps to keep the sound up to performance level.


Chemical Cleaning

One service that we offer is chemical cleaning.  Chemical baths help to break down build-up inside of your instrument causing the slides and other moving pieces of the instrument to perform more smoothly.  This process involves submerging the instrument in a mild chemical solution and scrubbing in order to breakdown build-up and clear up deposits in the instrument as much as possible. This type of cleaning is especially important for brass instruments because regular household cleaners and soap cannot remove the build up that develops most commonly in these instruments.   Chemical cleaning is one of the only ways to remove these build-ups and keep your instrument from the resulting damage.   


Ozone Cleaning

Ozone cleaning is a sanitation-centered cleaning option.  This process is a good alternative to liquid chemical disinfection and helps to kill bacteria, viruses, and more. Ozone cleaning is liquid-free which means it requires no water or chemicals. This type of disinfection is perfect for instruments that cannot be submerged such as woodwinds and stringed instruments.   Ozone works quickly and effectively to sanitize surfaces when properly used.  In contrast to chemical cleaning, ozone is a good method for sanitizing your instrument and removing bacteria that may have built up inside of the instrument over time. We are one of the only shops around offering this method of cleaning.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

In addition to chemical baths and ozone cleaning we also offer ultrasonic cleaning.  Ultrasonic cleaning uses a cleaning solution and sound waves to reach areas that brushes and hands cannot reach.  This cleaning process can target germs, dirt, dust and more. Ultrasonic cleaning can kill bacteria and germs that you cannot eliminate with regular cleaning at home.  This option is not best for instruments already experiencing red rot, but it can be used in advance to keep an instrument clean and helps to prevent the dezincification process from beginning. This musical instrument cleaning option is available and useful for a variety of instruments and equipments.

Above is our ultrasonic cleaning machine, used for cleaning a variety of musical instruments and musical merchandise.