Woodwinds Care

In order to properly care for and maintain your woodwind instrument you need to keep it:


  • Properly place your instrument in a case, be sure to always store it in its case
  • Remove neck straps before storing it
  • Use a tenon plug when storing a saxophone
  • Do not lift your instrument by the keys, only by the bore, and be careful not to bend keys when assembling/dis-assembling
  • Store your reed in a reed holder, do not leave it on the mouthpiece, and be sure to replace the reed if it chips or softens
  • Never store any part of your instrument wet


  • Remove the reed and ligature from your mouthpiece, then clean your mouthpiece in warm soapy water weekly (be sure to fully dry your mouthpiece before storing)
  • Before storing your instrument, use a clean dry swab inside of your instrument to remove moisture and prevent cracking and mildew
  • Wipe down keypads before storing
  • Have your woodwind professionally cleaned yearly


  • When needed, apply a small amount of cork grease to cork joints
  • Check the key mechanisms frequently to make sure there are no loose screws, if there are  tighten the pivot screw on a loose key slowly until the key does not move (do not tighten the screw too tightly)
  • Yearly, oil the keys (with manufacturer’s oil) with a small drop of oil at the end of the needle pin