What’s New at Cook Instrument Repair?

A lot of new and exciting things are happening at Cook Instrument Repair including a location change and multiple new cleaning services!

New Location

One of the big changes at Cook Instrument Repair is our location! We have recently moved from our location on Mall Road (behind Willis Music) to a nearby location on Industrial Road at the Willis Music Warehouse. This space is much larger than our previous location and gives us the ability to house more equipment and store more instruments, all to the benefit of both us and our customers.

Below are some photos of our new location:

New Cleaning Options

In the process of moving into our new space, we have also acquired some new cleaning options: ozone and ultrasonic cleaning.

Ozone cleaning works quickly and effectively to sanitize surfaces when properly used. Ozone is a good method for sanitizing your instrument and removing bacteria that may have built up inside of the instrument over time.  Scrubbing is not necessary for ozone cleaning meaning that even hard to reach areas become cleaner during the process. We are one of the only shops in the area to offer ozone cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses a cleaning solution and sound waves to reach areas that brushes and hands cannot reach.  This cleaning process can target germs, dirt, dust and more. This cleaning option is well known in the music world and is used for a variety of different types of instruments and musical merchandise.

Below are some photos of our new ultrasonic machine: