Strings Care

In order to properly care for and maintain your stringed instrument you need to keep it:


  • Be sure to store your instrument in a case
  • Avoid directly contacting the varnish of the instrument with your hands
  • Do not allow things that easily get stuck such as zippers and jewelry into contact with your instrument
  • Do not store anything additional, including shoulder rest, in the case with your instrument
  • Always store and set your instrument down facing string-side up
  • Do not touch the hair of the bow because finger oils can prevent rosin from sticking
  • Be gentle with your bow to prevent it from shattering and other damage

strings care


  • Do not use household cleaners on your instrument, instead use an appropriate polish or cleaner bought from a music store (perform a spot test before using a product on the entire instrument)
  • Have your instrument cleaned professionally annually or when necessary (check out our stringed-instrument safe ozone cleaning method!)
  • Bi-weekly or monthly use an instrument polish to prevent rosin build upĀ 

strings care


  • Restring annually with assistance from someone experienced the first time (wash hands before beginning and replace strings one at a time to maintain string tension)