Ultrasonic Cleaning: Benefit for Musical Instruments

ultrasonic cleaning tips and tricks

Unquestionably, an ultrasonic cleaning once a year is a great way to take care of your instrument. “A clean instrument is a healthy instrument” after all, and this process removes contaminants that harbor germs. Additionally, this yearly cleaning allows a qualified repair technician to inspect for any other issues that might keep you from sounding your best.  Below are some benefits of ultrasonic cleaning:

  1. Can clean hard to reach areas
  2. Targets a variety of contaminants including germs, dirt, dust and more
  3. Helps to prevent the dezincification process
  4. Can kill bacteria and germs not eliminated with at-home cleaning

Here is a link from Omegasonics explaining how ultrasonic cleaning works:

As shown above, this cleaning method can be immensely useful for a variety of purposes and is a safe and effective way to have your instrument cleaned. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most widely accepted cleaning methods in the music industry.

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