Brass Care

In order to properly care for and maintain your brass instrument you need to keep it:


  • Properly place your instrument in its case, be sure to store it in a case
  • Make sure the instrument is totally dry and clean before placing it in a case

brass care


  • Professionally clean yearly or bi-annually if you play often
  • Always remove your mouthpiece after playing and clean it in mild soap and water regularly (about once per week)
  • Clean valves and slides monthly with liquid dish soap, lukewarm water, and a snake brush before minimally greasing slides monthly
  • Clean valves and slides and lubricate them with appropriate oil weekly

brass maintenance


  • Grease tuning slides monthly
  • Be sure that if you are not currently playing to continue to move your slides and other moving parts every few weeks to keep them from sticking
  • Do not try to remove dents at home – go to a professional

brass care