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  1. Kevin Cooke says:

    I just picked my guitar up after having Terry do some upgrades. I’m very pleased with the quality of work and any future service to my guitar will be coming his way. Just wanted to make sure good work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks a lot. – Kevin

  2. Judy - Williamstown Band Mom says:

    Being a Band Booster of 9 years, it seems there is always an instrument that one of the kids needs to have repaired RIGHT NOW! the day before a big marching band competition, or just before Festival. Steve has never let us down, and I have asked him for some miracles. Huge thanks go out to Steve and his awesome staff! Never a return and never a complaint! I’ve been depending on Cook Instrument Repair for years.

  3. Frankie Nunn says:

    I was very disappointed in the service I received. My guitar amp was sent by Willis Music for a minor repair. I merely wanted the high gain input jack replaced. The amp worked great when I took it in, except for the input jack. I had been successfully using the low gain input, but wanted the amp fixed. When it came back the first time, the amp had very low power and the clean section was extremely distorted. This was witnessed by 3 other people. I called and explained the problem, made the 2 hour round-trip to Willis Music in Lexington and had them send it back to you. The next time it came back, the high gain input still did not work and the low power and distortion still existed. And to add insult to injury, the amp would blow a fuse after about a minute. I called once again and expressed my frustration to no avail. No one seemed interested in actually fixing it. I did not send the amp back. I just sat it in the corner of my office where it still sits and went out and bought a new amp. All this over a simple input jack.

  4. Alan Imberg says:

    In recent years, I’ve had replacement pickup installed into a guitar, had an old 1986 Alesis Midiverb brought back to life, and had my guitar set up multiple times -including a fret recrowning. I’m very pleased with the service provided. Thank you very much.

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